There is no right answer, diet or program. There is deep work, self-discovery and continuing to show up.



You have a BRAIN and a MIND. One can't out-think the other, so our work is to help them align.



Your Soul/Self has a sense of purpose. That doesn't have to be your career. But it SHOULD be a priority.



I'm a highly productive, highly creative woman who's learned the hard way that a patriarchal model of success just doesn't work for many of us!

I've been running fitness businesses for 15 years, parenting and for a few of those and diving deeply into what makes humans tick and thrive.

If you're struggling to balance your Wild inner creative with your type-a, deeply driven Self to achieve a sense of passion, productivity and purpose -- you're in the right place.

B.S., RYT 200, SFG II, Z Health (R,I,S,T 9S)

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